U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (January 9, 2012): Draft Framework for the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease

Publication Date: 
Mon, 01/09/2012

Goal 1:  Prevent and Effectively Treat Alzheimer's Disease by 2025

Research continues to expand our understanding of the causes of, treatments for, and prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Basic research elucidates the molecular and cellular process underlying AD, allowing the identification of potential targets for intervention. Through the drug development process and the translation of behavioral interventions, treatments are tested in preclinical experiments for their effectiveness. Promising interventions are further refined and tested to ensure they are safe and effective for the public. While the ultimate goals are to develop effective prevention and treatment modalities by 2025, ongoing research and clinical inquiry can inform our ability to delay onnet fo Alzheimer's disease, minimize its symptoms, and delay its progression. Under this goal, HHS will proritize and accelerate the pace of scientific resaerch and ensure that as evidence-based solutions are identified, they are quickly translated, put into practice, and brought to scale so that individuals with Alzheimer's disease can benefit from increases in scientific knowledge.


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