The (UK) Times Online (October 15, 2009): OMG Launching New Camera for Alzheimer's Patients

Publication Date: 
Thu, 10/15/2009

OMG, the Oxford-based company behind the motion-capture technology used in Hollywood films, is preparing to launch a device designed to help Alzheimer's disease sufferers cope with memory loss.

The UK company has signed a license with software giant Microsoft to use its SenseCam technology to launch a wearable camera that automatically takes digital photos of the patient's day. The images taken by the device, which is smaller and lighter than an iPod, can then be viewed to reinforce the patient's memories.

Nick Bolton, chief executive of OMG, described the impact as similar to a person with a normal memory flicking through photos of a holiday that was taken ten years ago. He said:  "the memory is very visually indexed. Reviewing photos helps shift it from short-term memory to long-term memory."

OMG will launch the device, called a Vicon Revue, at a neuroscience event in Chicago this weekend but Mr. Bolton said it will be some time before the company sells direct to Alzheimer's sufferers.