Shuko Takeda, MD, PhD

Title: Research Fellow, MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease, Department of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Telephone: (617) 724-3713

Dr. Takeda graduated from Hokkaido University Medical School (Japan) at the top of his class in 2004 (M.D. degree) and went on to go through clinical training in neurology and psychiatry at Osaka University Hospital (Japan) and other institutions. He began doing basic research on Alzheimer's disease at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine in 2006 and was awarded a Ph.D. in 2010. After serving as a Project Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, he started research at MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease (MIND) in 2011 (laboratory of Professor Bradley T. Hyman).


He has received honors and prizes including the ADPD Junior Faculty Award (2011); the 3rd ASAD Best Scientist Award (2009); the 4th AFLAS Young Investigator Award (2010); the 23rd Takakuwa Eimatu Award (Japan, 2004); the 51st Annual Meeting of the Japan Geriatrics Society Best Paper Award (2009); the 9th JAAM Best Paper Award (Japan, 2009); the 12th Ogihara Award (Japan, 2010); the International Symposium on CVEM Young Investigator Award (2010); the 57th JALAS Young Investigator Award (Japan, 2010); the 31st JASSO Young Investigator Award (Japan, 2010); the 18th JVBMO Young Investigator Award (Japan, 2010) and the 26th Okamoto Award (Japan, 2011).


1. Understanding the pathological role of oligomeric a-beta and tau protein in Alzheimer's disease

2. Cell biology of axon guidance

3. Role of vascular risk factors in Alzheimer's disease


Takeda S, Sato N, Uchio-Yamada K, Sawada K, Kunieda T, Takeuchi D, Kurinami H, Shinohara M, Rakugi H, Morishita R. Diabetes Accelerated Memory Dysfunction via Cerebrovascular Inflammation and A-Beta Deposition in an Alzheimer Mouse Model with Diabetes. PNAS USA 2010; 107:  7036-7041. [PMCID:  2872449].


Takeda S, Sato N, Ikimura K, Nishino H, Rakugi H, Morishita R. Novel Microdialysis Method to Assess Neuropeptides and Large Moleculesin Free-Moving Mouse. Neuroscience 2011; 186:  110-119.


Takeda S, Sato N, Rakugi H, Morishita R. Molecular Mechanisms Linking Diabetes Mellitus and Alzheimer Disease:  Beta-Amyloid Peptide, Insulin Signaling, and Neuronal Function. Molecular Biosystems 2011; 7:  1822-1827.


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