Research Projects

Our researchers are engaged in a wide variety of biomedical and behavioral research projects at the Massachusetts ADRC. Some investigators choose to work on cutting-edge basic bench science using animal models, while others prefer to focus their interests in applied research in clinical settings or to conduct "secondary" analyses of collected data for further insights into Alzheimer's disease.


Each year, we join forces with the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center to fund several one-year pilot grants to promising junior investigators with interests in neuroscience research, and support these individuals with facilities and other shared resources to enhance their research. The accomplishments of these funded researchers are impressive, judging by the range of careers that they are now in. A complete list of current and past pilot projects awardees by the Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center is attached.


The Massachusetts ADRC also support two or three major research projects with a duration of up to five years for accomplished and up-and-coming researchers through a competitive review process. These major projects are aimed at addressing an important problem in Alzheimer's disease, and are expected to advance scientific knowledge or clinical practice in dementia research.


Please visit our pilot and research projects pages to view the list of projects that we have funded since 1984.