PR Newswire (November 7, 2013): Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease Announces a Big Data Challenge to Find New Predictors of Cognitive Decline

Publication Date: 
Thu, 11/07/2013

The Global CEO Initiative (CEOi) on Alzheimer's Disease, Sage Bionetworks, and IBM's DREAM, today announced the Alzheimer's Disease Big Data (AD#1) Challenge at the Alzheimer's Disease Summit: The Path to 2025.

The Summit, hosted by CEOi and the New York Academy of Sciences, is convening key industry, academic, government, and patient stakeholders to build on the current National Institutes of Health (NIH) milestones designed to achieve a means of prevention and effective treatment of Alzheimer's by 2025.

Computational Challenges such as AD#1 engage diverse communities of data-focused scientists to competitively solve a specific problem in a given time period by placing scientific data, tools, scoreboards and the resulting predictive models into an open Commons or workspace – in effect, gamifying and "crowdsourcing" data analysis.

"Over 5 million Americans and almost 40 million people globally are currently afflicted with Alzheimer's disease (AD). If ever there were a Grand Challenge for Alzheimer's biomedical research, it is getting to a better understanding of the earliest markers of this disease so that effective disease-modifying treatments can be administered as early as possible in the progression of the disease," said George Vradenburg, Chairman of USAgainstAlzheimer's and convener of The Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease.  "This series of AD Challenges starting with AD#1 will be a global effort with government, science and business to help us broaden and fund the Challenges and turn new insights into benefits for the public."