MGH Memory Disorders Unit


Director:  M. Teresa Gomez-Isla, MD, PhD


The Memory Disorders Unit of the Department of Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital is a specialized outpatient clinic for patients with memory problems and is a component of the Clinical Core of the Massachusetts ADRC. First established in 1982 by Dr. John Growdon, the unit is located in a beautiful, spacious and comfortable setting on the eighth floor of the Wang Ambulatory Care Center (WACC) of the hospital, and patient appointments are held on Mondays and Tuesdays afternoons.


The unit's board-certified neurologists are fluent in a variety of foreign languages, including French, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish, and are also immersed in cutting-edge research in a variety of neurodegenerative diseases.


Patients and family members may call our unit coordinators, Mr. hguerrero [ at ] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (Hector F. Guerrero), Ms. nmcbean [ at ] partners [dot] org (Nordia McBean), or Ms. sshaikh5 [ at ] partners [dot] org (Seema Shaikh) at 617-726-1728 to schedule an appointment with any one of our clinicians. We strongly recommend that all patients attend their appointments with a close family member or an individual who can provide reliable information about them. Translation and interpretation services are provided at no charge to all patients of the unit, courtesy of the Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Intepreter Services.


Patients of the Memory Disorders Unit are often referred to the Psychology Assessment Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital for comprehensive memory testing. The unit also offers genetic counseling through the Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Genetics Clinic located at the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care on Level 6C (telephone:  617-726-1561).



malbers [ at ] partners [dot] org (Mark W. Albers), MD, PhD

searnold [ at ] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (Steven E. Arnold), MD

abiffi [ at ] partners [dot] org (Alessandro Biffi), MD

blacker [ at ] psych [dot] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (Deborah L. Blacker), MD, ScD (Geriatric Psychiatrist)

tnbyrne [ at ] partners [dot] org (Thomas N. Byrne), MD

jchhatwal [ at ] partners [dot] org (Jasmeer P. Chhatwal), MD, PhD

adejulio [ at ] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (Adriana de Julio), MD

bdickerson [ at ] partners [dot] org (Bradford C. Dickerson), MD, PhD

meldaief [ at ] partners [dot] org (Mark C. Eldaief), MD

amkoenig [ at ] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (Aaron M. Koenig), MD (Geriatric Psychiatrist)

rgallagher3 [ at ] partners [dot] org (Rose Gallagher), RN, BSN

tgomezisla [ at ] partners [dot] org (M. Teresa Gomez-Isla), MD, PhD  (Director)

sgomperts [ at ] partners [dot] org (Stephen N. Gomperts), MD, PhD

growdon [ at ] helix [dot] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (John H. Growdon), MD

bhyman [ at ] partners [dot] org (Bradley T. Hyman), MD, PhD

kelleher [ at ] helix [dot] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (Raymond J. Kelleher) III, MD, PhD

mmarquie-sayagues [ at ] partners [dot] org (Marta Marquie-Sayagues), MD, PhD

gamarshall [ at ] partners [dot] org (Gad A. Marshall), MD

dlperez [ at ] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu (David L. Perez), MD, Msc

ssharma26 [ at ] partners [dot] org (Saurabh Sharma), MD

jsherman [ at ] partners [dot] org (Janet C. Sherman), PhD (Neuropsychologist)

aviswanathan1 [ at ] partners [dot] org (Anand Viswanathan), MD, PhD


For more information about the Memory Disorders Unit, please visit, and check out the attached flyer!


For more information about the Massachusetts General Hospital's Frontotemporal Disorders Unit, please visit, or check out the attached pamplet!


For an overview of the Memory Disorders Unit and other neurology clinics at the Massachusetts General Hospital, check out the attached '2015 Year in Review' report.


The Memory Disorders Unit respects the privacy and confidentiality of each patient's record. Please read more about our Privacy Notice in English or Spanish.


We encourage our patients and family members to read more about Tips For Your Doctor's Visit (Consejos cuando visite a su medico) and Understanding Your Doctors and Other Caregivers (como comprender a los medicos y a los demas profesionales de salud), and to be our partners in their care.

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