MarketWatch (October 20, 2011): AFA Releases Recommendations for National Plan to Defeat Brain Disorder, Urges 'No Time to Waste'

Publication Date: 
Thu, 10/20/2011

Declaring that our nation "has no time to waste," the Alzheimer's Foundation of American (AFA) today released specific, hard-hitting recommendations on both care and cure to tackle Alzheimer's disease - and urged swift implementation of a national strategy on this growing public health crisis that threatens an increasing number of American families, including aging baby boomers, and the nation's budget.

Entitled "No Time to Waste," the report urges a "bold but practical" approcah and calls for formulating solutions within - as well as outside of - current government programs to ultimately "defeat" Alzheimer's disease.

AFA's recommendations for research, clinical care and long-term care come as national experts are examining what to include in an "integrated national plan" as mandated under the new National Alzheimer's Project Act (NAPA), and as the incidence of the brain disorder in the United States is expected to explode by mid-century.

To effect long-lasting change, the report urges wide-scale public awareness campaigns, including messaging to drive earlier detection and to "shift the focus from fear to acceptance of the disease."

Other calls for action include:  a substantial investment in research toward the prevention, treatment, care and cure of Alzheimer's disease; additional dementia training and reimbursement for primary care clinicians' and greater training and support for family caregivers of all demographics across the continuum of care.

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