Liang  Yap, PhD

Title: Administrator, Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center & Assistant in Neuroscience, Massachusetts General Hospital
Telephone: (617) 726-3987

A graduate of Wellesley College, Harvard University and Boston University, Dr. Yap has trained with Suzanne Flynn, PhD, in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gil G. Noam, PhD, EdD, Dipl. Phil., at the Laboratory of Developmental Psychology & Developmental Psychopathology at the Hall-Mercer Center for Children & Adolescents at the McLean Hospital, and Michael W. Otto, PhD, at the Clinical Psychopharmacology & Behavior Therapy Unit in the Department of Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital. 


She has served as a mentor to students training at the MGH, and is deeply committed to supporting research, funding support and public outreach on Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegnerative diseases.  As an administrator, she is always keen on developing reciprocal exchange programs between institutions to provide access to cutting-edge research, innovative teaching environments and technologies to young people, particularly those from underserved communities. 


My passion is in academic administration. I also have a keen interest in outreach to minority communities with regard to knowledge on neurodegenerative diseases, and supporting visiting medical students and post-doc researchers in their training at the MGH. Among several 'hats that I wear' as part of my job, I also co-lead the monthly caregiver support group held at the MGH!



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