The Harvard Crimson (January 8, 2010): Unequal Distribution of Assisted Living Homes Hint at Problems, Study Says

Publication Date: 
Fri, 01/08/2010

Elderly assisted-living facilities are disproportionally located in more affluent areas, with Massachusetts lagging far behind other states in terms of the number of assisted-living units available, according to a recent Harvard Medical School study.

After calculating the ratio of number of assisted-living units per thousand of people over 65 years of age for every stat, researchers found that the locations of the facilities showed a strong connection to the education levels, property values, and ethnic makeups of the areas. More facilities were found to be situated in areas with a lower proportion of black and Hispanic residents - a correlation researchers said they found "disconcerting."

Since Massachusetts is comparatively affluent, the fact that most of the state's counties fell below the national average ratio came as a surprise to the researchers, they said.