Digital Journal.Com (November 3, 2011): Alzheimer's Foundation of America to Hold Second Annual Video Competition

Publication Date: 
Thu, 11/03/2011

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) is calling on teens to create a short video that creatively expresses their personal stories related to Alzheimer's disease as part of its 2nd annual AFA Teens Video Competition.

The unique competition asks teens to record a two-minute video that gives thoughtful consideration to "a moment in relation to Alzheimer's disease when you learned something about your understanding of the disease, learned something about caregiving, or decided to become a community volunteer/activist."

The competition offers a $500 grand prize and $250 for the runner-up. The annual deadline is December 1. Applicants must be 13 to 19.

As the number of teenagers who experience Alzheimer's disease in their own families or communities continues to grow along with the escalating incidence of brain disorder nationwide, the contest is part of AFA"s efforts through its AFA Teens division to educate and raise awareness among teens, as well as help them deal with the emotional toll of the disease.

"Teens coping with Alzheimer's disease in their families are often closemouthed about the situation, but they can benefit enormously from expressing their feelings. This competition offers a creative outlet for teens to both relay their experiences and help other teens who might be in the same shoes," said Eric J. Hall, AFA's founding president and chief executive officer.

Last year, the contest's grand prize winner, Margaret Yan of Orlando, created a video aimed at, in her words "trying to symbolically capture the hopelessness that a family member or a friend might fell once losing their loved ones to Alzheimer's disease." The winning videos are posted on