Core D: Neuropathology


The Neuropathology Core is the repository of samples from patients with Alzheimer's disease, other neurological diseases, or normal individuals who have generously agreed to donate their tissues for research purposes after death. In addition to providing the samples for use in ongoing research, full and definitive diagnoses are provided to families and physicians. The core is also the repository for blood samples from our research subjects who consent for ongoing biomarker and genetic research programs. Together, these samples are an invaluable resource, used by scientists and doctors to find out "what went wrong", and to work to find cures. While studies in animal models of disease are important, it remains essential to understand these diseases as they affect the human brain and cause such damage.


Each year, the Neuropathology Core distributes hundreds of samples to scientists all over the country and around the world, all of whom are working to help conquer these diseases.


The core is run by Dr. matthew_frosch [ at ] hms [dot] harvard [dot] edu (Matthew P. Frosch), who is also the Chief of the Neuropathology Service at the Massachusetts General Hospital.