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Telomerase Work Wins Szostak Nobel Prize in Medicine

Publication Date: 
Mon, 10/05/2009

Jack Szostak, a genetics professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, has won the 2009 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for pioneering work in the discovery of telomerase, an enzyme that protects chromosomes from degrading.

The work not only revealed a key cellular function, it also illuminated processes involved in disease and aging.

NIH Announces 115 Awards to Encourage High-Risk Research and Innovation. 2009 New Innovator Award Recipients: Mark W. Albers, Massachusetts General Hospital - The Olfactory Neural Circuit as a Systems Level Model of Neurodegenerative Disease

Publication Date: 
Thu, 09/24/2009

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced today that it is awarding $348 million to encourage investigators to explore bold ideas that have the potentail to catapult fields forward and speed the translation of research into improved heatlh.

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