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US News & World Report (December 7, 2011): The Latest Brain Discoveries from Alzheimer's to Autism to Stroke

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Wed, 12/07/2011

The brains of mice that Bradley Hyman keeps in his sprawling lab at an old naval base in Boston offer a window, literally and figuratively, into the mysterious damage that causes Alzheimer's disease. When each mouse reaches a few months of age, one of the lab workers carefully creates an opening in its skull and places a tiny glass window over the hole. Day after day, week after week, a powerful microscope is trained on the brain, searching for ugly clumps of sticky protein fragments like those that litter the brains of elderly people who have died of Alzheimer's.

University of Cambridge (November 28, 2011); Cambridge-Elan Centre for Research Innovation and Drug Discovery Launched

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Mon, 11/28/2011

The University of Cambridge and Elan Corporation today announced the launch of The Cambridge-Elan Centre for Research Innovation and Drug Discovery (Cambridge-Elan Centre), which will be located at the University. The Cambridge-Elan Centre will provide a highly interdisciplinary environment uniquely positioned for delivering world-leading translational research focused on innovative therapies for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. This ten-year agreement paves the way for a long-term collaboration between Elan and the University of Cambridge.

San Angelo Standard Times (November 26, 2011): Alzheimer Families and the Holidays: Tips to Enjoy the Season

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Sat, 11/26/2011

The holidays are a time when family and friends come together and share memories, laughs and good cheer. But for families living with Alzheimer's, the holidays can also be a difficult time.

Caregiving responsibilities layered on top of keeping up with holiday traditions can take its toll on Alzheimer famliies, especially the caregiver. The person with Alzheimer's may also feel a sense of loss during the holidays.

With some planning and adjusted expectations, your celebrations can be filled with joy and magical moments to cherish forever.

Adjust your expectations.

National Institutes of Health (November 21, 2011): Stroke Risk Factors Linked to Cognitive Problems

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Mon, 11/21/2011

A new study found that high blood pressure and other known risk factors for stroke may also raise the risk of developing cognitive problems. The finding suggests that keeping blood pressure under control might help preserve cognitive health.

PR Newswire (November 7, 2011): Alzheimer's Foundation of America to host 9th Annual National Memory Screening Day

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Mon, 11/07/2011

As federal officials and other experts work toward developing the first-ever national plan that will address the growing crisis of Alzheimer's disease, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) is encouraging Americans to take their own steps to be proactive about memory health by taking advantage of free memory screenings during its National Memory Screening Day (NMSD) on November 15.

Digital Journal.Com (November 3, 2011): Alzheimer's Foundation of America to Hold Second Annual Video Competition

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Thu, 11/03/2011

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) is calling on teens to create a short video that creatively expresses their personal stories related to Alzheimer's disease as part of its 2nd annual AFA Teens Video Competition.

The unique competition asks teens to record a two-minute video that gives thoughtful consideration to "a moment in relation to Alzheimer's disease when you learned something about your understanding of the disease, learned something about caregiving, or decided to become a community volunteer/activist."

National Health Service (NHS UK) (October 28, 2011): Alzheimer's, Yeasts and Other Animals

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Fri, 10/28/2011

"A major breakthrough in Alzheimer's research holds out hope not only of early detection of the crippling brain disease but also potential new treatments," reports the Daily Express.

Boston Globe (October 26, 2011): Longevity's Secret Sought in DNA of 100-year-olds

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Wed, 10/26/2011

George Eberhardt turned 107 last month, and scientists would love to know how he and other older folks like him made it that far. So he's going to hand over some of his DNA. He's one of 100 centenarians taking part in a project announced Wednesday that will examine some of the oldest citizens with one of the newest scientific tools:  Whole-genome sequencing, the deciphering of a person's complete collection of DNA.

MarketWatch (October 20, 2011): AFA Releases Recommendations for National Plan to Defeat Brain Disorder, Urges 'No Time to Waste'

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Thu, 10/20/2011

Declaring that our nation "has no time to waste," the Alzheimer's Foundation of American (AFA) today released specific, hard-hitting recommendations on both care and cure to tackle Alzheimer's disease - and urged swift implementation of a national strategy on this growing public health crisis that threatens an increasing number of American families, including aging baby boomers, and the nation's budget.

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