Boston Magazine: Top Doctors 2009: Making The Rounds. Dr. Lewis Lipsitz (Geriatrics)

Publication Date: 
Tue, 12/01/2009

Why did you become interested in geriatrics?

Dr. Lewis Lipsitz:  Geriatrics is still one of the frontiers of medicine, since it's really only recently that people have begun experiencing old age - a century ago, the average life expectancy was 47, and today, it's well over 80. So it's exciting to be in a field on the cutting edge.


What did you find most rewarding about it?

Dr. LL:  Old people are fun! They have a wonderful amount of history, great stories to tell, and a wide breath of experience that teaches me every day.


What's the biggest challenging facing geriatricians?

Our healthcare System pays for technology and procedures, not for time and thought...