Boston Globe (November 23, 2012): Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Rock Star of Science

Publication Date: 
Fri, 11/23/2012

It was in 2009 when Dr. Rudy Tanzi was asked to appear in a GQ magazine photo shoot for a campaign called "Rock Stars of Science." The shoot, organized by the Geoffrey Beene Foundation, was aimed at raising awareness of scientific research by matching accomplished researchers with famous musicians. Tanzi, who heads Massachusetts General Hospital's Genetics and Aging Research Unit and teaches neurology at Harvard Medical School, was paired with a fellow Bostonian, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

"After the shoot, I was talking to Joe, and I said that actually I play," Tanzi said. "He said we should jam some time."

Three years later, Tanzi is really a rock star of science. He recorded organ tracks for Aerosmith's just-released new album, "Music From Another Dimension!", he co-wrote the book "Super Brain" with physician and mind-body expert Deepak Chopra, and he adapted the book into a PBS special, which he also hosts in a Carl Sagan-like manner. Both "Music From Another Dimension!" and the book "Super Brain," which offers techniques to use your brain most effectively, went on sale this month. The book hit No. 7 on The New York Times Hardcover Advice & Misc. bestseller list, while the record debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. The television special will begin airing nationally on Saturday.