Alzheimer's Disease International (September 21, 2010): World Alzheimer Report 2010

Publication Date: 
Tue, 09/21/2010


In the World Alzheimer Report 2010, we build upon the findings detailed in the World Alzheimer Report 2009, to explore the cost of dementia to our societies. The Report contains an explanation of the methods used, detailed results for different economic and geographic regions, and we offer conclusions and recommendations in the final section.
As you will see, the figures are cause for great concern and we hope that this Report will act as a call to action for governments and policy makers across the world. It is vital that they recognize that the cost of dementia will continue to increase at an alarming rate and we must work to improve care and support services, treatment and research into dementia in all regions of the world. Lower income countries face a severe lack of recognition of dementia, placing a heavy burden on families and carers who often have no understanding of what is happening to their loved one. High income countries are struggling to cope with the demand for services, leaving many people with dementia and caregivers with little or no support. Consequently, we urge key decision makers to take notice of this very important document and to work with Alzheimer associations and with ADI to make dementia a national and global health priority. 

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