ABC News (September 8, 2009): For Early Onset Dementia Patients, Workplace Fraught with Worry

Publication Date: 
Tue, 09/08/2009

When Diane Thornton first realized she was having trouble keeping track of appointments, she would write herself reminder notes. When she got lost on her way to the office, she'd call her secretary and ask for directions. On days she had trouble speaking or remembering words, she would avoid answering her phone.

But when in her psychotherapist practice she could not remember her patients' names, could not recognize the notes she had written in her files, could not understand the mounting paperwork it took to handle their claims, and could not trust herself not to say things -- she knew there would be no quick fix, no easy cover up.

She would have to quit, and face the fact that at age 52, she had dementia.